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Everything is coming together nicely for my trip. I stayed up entirely too late last night researching hotels and sending emails to a bunch of places in Paris to see about availability. There is one night where I think we will wing it because we'll be traveling between cities and I'm not sure where we'll land.

I'm kind of miffed because I booked a room at a hotel Berlin near the venue where GA is playing on the first night I arrive on the recommendation of their European booker, but then I found this really cute hotel/hostel with great reviews that's cheaper and closer! But I got some kind of internet discount rate at the other place so its non-refundable. I should have done my own research, grrr. So on our last night we are also in Berlin and I'm wondering if I should book us there or be practical and get a room close to the airport since my flight is at 9:30am. Cute/fun or practical...that is always the dilemma, isn't it? I guess the point is you're not supposed to stay in your room that much anyway so maybe it doesn't matter.

I called all my credit cards to put a travel alert on my accounts, asked the pharmacy to get me prescriptions early, transferred money from savings and am basically kicking ass on my to-do list.

I ate, drank and spent way too much this weekend and now I feel like a bloated broke moocow. It was fun though.
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