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The email you write,
and delete, five thousand times
doesn't matter. Stop.

Haiku month is over. Here they all are:
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4/25 (Let me tell you what's scary)
Sympathy is hard
when we're sad about our own
rules. Live like we want.

4/26 (Haiku in the bar)
Counting our fingers
with drinks in hand; told you I'd
forget tomorrow.

4/27 (Leave all these clovers in the ground)
The lonely sailor,
such a cliche; but here you
are, a beer, a frown.

4/28 (Ladie's night)
When you can't find a
cheesy club, you gotta make
your own dance party.

Late night lost love notes,
bricking the walls instead of
sleeping. Loved you, love.
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Only girls at the
bar, round of shots, cigarettes,
suddenly we're stars.
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Rachmanivov on
the theremin, glasses of
wines, date with our thoughts
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Everything is as
it was; when you leave, you still
have to come back home.
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Tiny horse tethered
to the sidewalk, rain-soaked mane,
slicked plastic saddle.
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Maybe we let go,
a bit. Curl up in our own
hearts. It's what's right, right?

(all caught up)
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Half a half a pot
cookie is the perfect dose
for a sound night's sleep.
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Ten minute cab ride,
Fifteen for papers, eight for the
nurse. Answers, two weeks.
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I got the haiku
scratched, scraped, stalked, sobbed, sucker punched
out of me this week.
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I remember my
dream; I lied. There was chicken,
a train. You weren't there.
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Sun shines long enough
to trick me into cotton
clothes. Then, surprise: RAIN!

But at least I managed to leave my house yesterday.
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head full of cotton
makes thousand-pound thoughts a bit
easier to bear.
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staying in makes me
feel left out but this body
can't leave that bed now.
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Sneezes started at
night and illness quickly grew,
too sick to haiku. :(
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Prettiest girl here,
he said. I know he's lying.
I'll believe, today.
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A bush full of birds
that are not seen, but heard, like
the leaves are chirping
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champagne, cigarettes
in the afternoon, 'cause we
don't want to go home.

doubling up

Apr. 8th, 2007 09:27 am
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4/6 (I am more me)
An easy eighty
degrees; a tough day. We laugh
so that we don't weep.

4/7 (Robots holding flowers)
Amazing mandance
and escape to Ballard: out
of our element.
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Candy eggs, dyed eggs
Egger eggs. Tossed to the side-
walk, shoved in our mouths

I cheated a little
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