Holy fuck.

Jun. 17th, 2005 04:15 pm
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I am wearing a dress that I mended the other day. in the course of mending it I lost a needle--couldn't find it anywhere. I figured it was just lost in the carpet and I'd vacuum it up someday.

Well I just stood up to throw something in the garbage and there was a needle on my chair! it must have been stuck in my dress this whole time. Isn't that crazy??? I can't believe I didn't get stabbed. Sometimes I'm so stupid I amaze myself.

When I was in high school I got something stuck in my foot. Living in the sticks and having a propensity towards bare-footedness, this was not uncommon. I figured it was a thorn and it would work its way out. After a week it got badly infected and I could barely walk. I was supposed leave on a road trip to San Francisco the next day so my dad tried to remove the thorn (he's a medical professional, don't worry) but my foot hurt so bad I couldn't let him do it. So to the emergency room we went. They tried to give me some lydocaine injections but I could not have a doctor coming at my foot with needles--my instinct was to try to kick him in the face. A big male nurse (not my dad, I could probably kick his ass) had to come hold me down and six shots between my toes later, it turns out the "thorn" was actually the eye of a needle! I must have kicked a needle that was stuck in the carpet and the top broke off in my foot. Grody, huh? Sewing is hardcore.


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